Video Review: Megadeth, "Rusted Pieces"

The six videos featured here span MEGADETH's career from their 1986 LP Peace Sells... up to their latest musical offering Rust In Peace. Interspaced between these are candid interview clips with the band, mainly the Dave duo describing their video ideas, directors, and concepts. 

Although any fanatical MEGADETH fan will have managed to get tapes of most of these videos off MTV and video shows, there are some banned and unedited versions, which may be of interest. 

First of all there is a the MTV-banned clip In My Darkest Hour filmed by Penelope Spheeris for her movie The Decline of Western Civilisation. MTV apparently believed this song was about suicide, not Cliff Burton's untimely death. And then, notably, there is the unedited full length versions of MEGADETH's latest video Hangar 18.

Their videos are full of fast vivid graphic image changes, guns, bombs, explosions, stage diving, sweat, bare chests, and surprisingly hardly a bimbo in sight. 

As Dave Ellefson says, 
"It's unedited shit" -- and fans will find this video collection a complete treasure trove. Make sure you watch it to the very end because, as an extra bonus, their advert for the US Government campaign for voting registration "Your Vote is Your Voice" is tagged on to the end. It shows Dave Mustaine as many musos can only hope with his mouth taped shut!

Marion Garden 
Riff Raff
July 1991
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