RELEASE are a Danish combo. They were founded way back in the 70s by guitarists Ian Roger. With the addition and subtraction of various members throughout the years, Ian is the only original member of the band left. The current line-up features Ian of guitar, Chriz Johnson on bass, Kenn Little on drums, Martin Lutz on keyboards, and a chap called "Charlie" on the vocals. Musically the band's influences include WHITESNAKE and JUDAS PRIEST amongst many others.

Their latest platter entitled "A Requiem For the World" is a reasonable effort. Vocalist Charlie has an excellent voice while guitarist Ian Roger is well crafted in the melodic rock sense. The material on the whole is pure heavy metal with a cheeky edge, but lacks depth in certain quarters. However, if the killer ballad "You Don't Care No More" was released as a single, I'd go out and buy it!

Given a good producer and a couple of strong songs, these guys could go a long way. Next one please...

Hopeless Proud 05:02
A Requiem For the World 03:23
Ghetto Child 05:23
You Don't Care No More 06:50
The Wonder 04:20
The Valley of Witchcraft 05:30
Killer Rabbit 05:25
The Damned Lake 06:53

Mark Crampton
Riff Raff
July 1990

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