Flabby UK Subs "leader" Charlie Harper, 77, thinking about his beer money

Punk is truly dead when you hear the UK Subs have gone and sacked their drummer for a mean tweet.

Yes, really!

That is like the most unpunk move you could make, as the whole essence of punk is not to give a flying fuck about polite sensibilities. 

The dastardly tweet in question was tweeted by drummer Jamie Oliver (no not the TV chef) in response to the murder of a Tory MP:

Ouch, so brutal! Just let me run to my safe space, bite my bottom lip, and have a little blub...there!

This tweet then launched a #CancelCulture tsunami, with Oliver being ceremoniously marched out of the band and quite possibly shot at dawn.

UK Subs then confirmed their total non-punk or even anti-punk status by releasing the following tut-tut-tutting statement on Facebook that could easily have been written by my school teacher:

Notice how that crafty old cunt Harper gets Gibbs to do his dirty work in case there is negative blow-back from fans.

What this reveals is that the Subs are merely an old men's nostalgia grifting operation with zero cred, not an actual working punk band, which would have absolutely "no problemo" with a member taking the piss out of a dead Tory MP or even puking up all over his grave. 

Honestly I'd have a LOT more respect for Harper and Co. if they just admitted the real reason they were kicking Oliver out of the band was because he was much more handsome than the rest of them and was scoring 110% of the band's diminishing groupie supply. 

Ripped and tatted pussy magnet Oliver (right) with a group of elderly incels

Colin Liddell
Revenge of Riff Raff
18th October, 2021
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