From the Stargazer column (Star date: April 1992)

It has been made public that Vince Neil has left Motley crue due to differences in musical direction with Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx.

Everything came to a head when rehearsals began three months ago for the next crew album, when Vince started to become unhappy with the musical direction the band were taking.

Neil admits the relationship had deteriorated of late because his band mates were giving him the feeling he didn't share their determination and passion for the music. Neil was the only band member who didn't regularly participate in the songwriting process.

“I wasn't fired for drinking and I didn't leave the band to pursue auto-racing, although that's been a hobby of mine for the last seven years. It is true that I didn't share the enthusiasm for the band's new musical direction. When they brought in keyboards and backup singers, I was disappointed. But then I was always shot down. I was the odd man out.”

Vince plans to begin work on a solo album and begin recording in the next couple of months.

“All my rock buddies have been really supportive and want to help on the record.  I'm really excited about it. It's too bad that the band had to split like this but maybe it's for the best.”

On the other side of the fence Nikki Sixx comments.

“After 11 years together with parted ways. I hope it can be as friendly and peaceful as possible, though in this business that's sometimes a difficult proposition.”

Meanwhile Motley Crue are auditioning new singers. THE SCREAM’s manager denies reports from his office in Hollywood that they're singer, John Corabi has been approached by the Crue.

“Musically we are  writing the best material of our career,”  says Tommy Lee. “Lots of bands have made changes including AC/DC and GUNS N' ROSES and been just as creative”

Jane Wallace 
Riff Raff
April 1992

Note: John Corabi did in fact become Crue's next singer, serving from 1992 to 1996. Denial is, as ever, a river in Egypt.

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