Album Review: Vince Neil, "Exposed"

From the initial assault of Look In Her Eyes, it's plain that Vince is out to take no prisoners. In linking up with guitarist Steve Stevens. Neil has an exemplary foil for his vocal assault. the Crue comparisons are inescapable, none more so than the Girls Girls Girls groove of Sister Of Pain, even if Stevens is far more proficient than Mars. The balladic Can't Change Me gives vent to his feelings towards his old band but there's only one bone of contention though and that is with You're Invited, a track which in its original form featured a classic crushing riff though here the meat is wrapped in Steven's six string technological warfare. Exposed is a 'doood' of an album of which Vince 'the Sunset Warrior' can be loud and proud.

Grade B+

Joe Mackett
Riff Raff
June 1993

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