The Fly Column: Eddie Vedder Tosses Off With 'Save The Sperm' Campaign

That champion of lost, er, great causes, Eddie Vedder is at it again, spearheading the 'Save the Sperm' campaign. 

Actually it should be 'Save The Sperm WHALE' but try telling that to Eddie. Allegedly, the messianic one believes that pollutants in the air and in the drinking water are reducing the male sperm count to such an extent that by the year 2000 all the men on the planet won't be able to make women pregnant resulting in the human race becoming extinct. Which means that there's a lot of confused whale campaigners out there! 

Vedder's spokesman, P.R. Krappe, would only say that the recent heatwave in the US had put the singer under a lot of stress and fried his brains!

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