Album Review: "Code Selfish," The Fall

Despite a couple of imaginative lyrics and a few interesting samples, Code Selfish never rises above a level of turgid dullness.  Wallowing in a barren plateau of self abuse, THE FALL rarely manage to deliver an idea better than ordinary.

They sound tired, old, and empty. Mark E. Smith’s  lethargic withered drones can only grate as each track unveils itself as more undistinguished slop. A poor man's VELVET UNDERGROUND for Time Enough at Last and an almost captivating exploration for opener Birmingham School of Business do little to save this sad show. Cheap drum sounds linger in a murky haze, and dull lazy guitar noises that a drunk on the underground could muster at the site of a coin abound.

This is  one hard listen. Code Selfish is a collection of redundant ideas delivered in flat monotone sequences that never come to life. Move over boys, your time is up. You committed the biggest sin of all. You're a bore!

Grade D

Mike Harris
Riff Raff
April 1992

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