Album Review, Billy Idol, "Cyberpunk"

Our Bill rides off into the LA sunset and comes a cropper, convalesces with a computer to keep him company and writes an LP influenced by his new found technology. That's what you call setting himself up for a slagging!

But not from me. I found the record strangely interesting. The energy of Shock To The System may provoke memories of White Wedding, but the rest of the material, the relaxaing intro Adam In Chains or especially the atmospheric Neuromancer, are only dated by the fact that they could have been the perfect soundtrack to Bladerunner.

The eastern tinged Shangrila is introduced, "Prepare to be ejected." Well, I hope Bill's grown a thick skin 'cos he may be rejected. Repeated listens prove otherwise.

Grade B
Joe Mackett
Riff Raff
August, 1993
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