Preview: The Dark Side, Fuzztones, Thee Hypnotics, Goat

THE DARK SIDE and the FUZZTONES are on the Situation Two label. Beggar's Banquet distribute their records and promote them. The Dark Side have an EP out entitled High Rise Love which contains three tracks. They're quite orthodox in the indie rock sense. Distinctive features of their sound are the vocals which sound like the singer was recorded in an echo chamber. They have a very intense sound but the music can get slightly monotonous and flat.

The Fuzztones are more upbeat. yet another band with a fixation on the late sixties, particularly the zany organ sound. The songs have simple, catchy choruses, which remind you of the sound tracks on those pop-art sixties films.

THEE HYPNOTICS are directly signed to Beggars Banquet. They have a three-track EP on release. The title track Half Man Half Boy has been released as a single. Probably the most impressive of the foursome; the obvious influences are HENDRIX and THE DOORS. They have a dynamic vibrancy. However, live, singer James Jones affects the JIM MORRISON persona just a bit too much. Vocally he's also more croaky than the deceased 'Lizard King' (watch out for our Thee Hypnotics live review from U.L.U. in next month's issue.)

GOAT are also directly signed to Beggars and have released two EPs, the latest being Your Love is Mine EP. I'm sorry, but I can't get away from the CULT comparisons, however, they are a little bit speedier and more frantic in their delivery. Kissin' Me impresses the most. It's big, bad, and raw. All the bands are gigging at the moment so watch the gig guides.

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
July, 1990
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