Album Review: UFO, "Seven Deadly"

UFO's 21st studio album Seven Deadly represents a return to the classy hard rock sound upon which their reputation was originally founded. Line-up stability has paid dividends with a solid release that is full of top tunes that stay in your head right from first play, foot-stomping opener Fight Night being a prime example.

The rocking Wonderland showcases Phil Mogg's voice, as distinctive as ever, whilst the blues-tinged The Last Stone Rider features another classic guitar riff and a great chorus, underpinned by Paul Raymond's classic hard rock keyboard textures.

Guitarist Vinnie Moore is prominent throughout, his playing both melodic and bluesy. On Burn Your House Down he lays down some breathtaking lead breaks reminiscent of his early virtuoso period. UFO are back on true form with an album that is essential listening!

Christopher Franklin
Rock iKon
24th February, 2012

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  1. Powerful but with soul, lively but pleasant and calming... good balanced songs. Great combination of heavy and old rock (blues). In my opinion one of the maturest rock albums I've heard so far. I like it more then their early works.